Crossing Border

Border Sessions is één van de middagprogramma’s van het Crossing Border Festival in Den Haag.

Namens Sharewire mocht ik daar een presentatie houden binnen het thema ‘de impact van nieuwe technologiën op de maatschappij’. Natuurlijk ging mijn praatje over apps: facts & figures van het mobiele internet, de impact van touchscreen devices op ons leven en kansen voor de economie.

Op de site van Border Sessions stond het zo:

User Centered Design, Business Critical Apps, Natural User Interfaces and -what used to be called- Science Fiction

Gertrude Lok is Creative Director of Sharewire, a Full Service Agency for Mobile Internet, helping its clients to understand the relevance of the mobile medium for their business.

The introduction of touchscreen smartphones and tablets has radically changed the public’s perception and usage of ‘the internet’. ‘Old world’ institutions are spinning on their feet, trying to keep up. But what are the possibilities of this Brave New Medium? What are the consequences, opportunities  and challenges for our everyday lives? Where will these developments lead us?

There is a lot of talk about the effect of mobile devices on our social lives, but what does it mean for our economics? Can businesses keep up with society? Or even lead the way? Sharewire is convinced that the future has only just begun. Together with its clients, Sharewire strips every client’s story to the bare essence, lies the elements in a circle, and places the user in the centre. They’ll take it from there.

Een verslag van m’n praatje staat op YouTube: